Yes, its January 9th but I can say it till at least the 15th!

I am so excited about this year because I have decided that I’m going to do everything I want! It’s too much to have the whole world telling me that I shouldn’t or can’t or better not, I say FUCK THEM! DO YOU BOO!!!

So I’m starting my first blog post with what I call ‘The NEW/NEW’. Things are about to change and I get to change them. I’ve learned to find a happy medium between the “right timing” and “making shit happen”. It’s sort of like you need to be doing both at all times; it’s called balance!  So I understand you maybe a little confused right now because you are not sure if this is an inspirational blog or a food blog, but I say FUCK THEM!...hahaha, I’m kidding! This is a blog about food, lifestyle, art, me, YOU, EVERYONE! It’s here to let you know that HUE Foods is going to be changing things up, throwing things out, trying things on and really showing the world who I am! This is the year of ‘The NEW/NEW’. So join the movement! Make the decision to have all the things you want; to go on that vacation, to stick to that fitness routine, to spend more time with your parents. It’s really simple! I’ll even have t-shirts made so we can feel really legit!


Ps. I will promise you that I will be swearing in like every post.

2018-09-01 02.52.16 1.jpg
Aisha Bentham