Roasted Carrot + Ginger Soup


You all know how I love me some soup! i could eat it all the time, no matter what the season. So be prepared to see more recipes for soups!!

Alrighty, so this soup right here will enhance your life! Filled with antioxidants and vitamin K. Layered with many many flavours, this soup will not disappoint!


Whole bag of carrot

3 clove of garlic

Ginger (finger length)

Garam Masala



Coarse Black pepper


Maple syrup or brown sugar

Olive Oil

Cashew milk or Dairy Free milk

Vegetable Broth

Blender or food processor


1. Set oven to 350 degrees

2.Take the whole bag of carrots, wash and cut each carrot into four long match sticks

3. Base the carrots with olive oil, garam masala, cumin, salt, pepper

4. Peel garlic and cut in half and place with carrots. Same with the ginger, cut into 6 and place with the carrots.

5. Put in oven for 50 minutes or until carrots are soft.

6. In your blender add your cashew milk(4 cups worth) and a handful of pistachios. Blend till milk turns a pale green.

7. Remove carrots from oven and add half to the blender with 3 cups of vegetable broth

8. Once its blended fully, add to pot.

9. REPEAT steps 6 & 7 with remainder of carrots

10. Once all the carrots are blended, and in pot, turn the stove on and bring it to a medium boil.

11. ADD some maple syrup for a little sweetness, and adjust the salt and pepper levels if needed.

12. Stir and then let it cool and serve!

Aisha Bentham