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Come join HUE Foods for our newest event,


With a 4-course, all plant-based menu curated to entice and excite your palette, an outdoor lounge filled with aromatic gems and music to fill your soul, this event is bound to be one to remember. With only 20 seats, but sure to get your ticket before they sell out.

Price: $55

Last day to purchase tickets are: June 1st, 2018

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Introducing alternative cooking is a 2hr session where we will talk about alternative food options such as plant-based, organic/non-organic, slow-cooking, mood foods and many more.

This session is open to anyone who is interested!



ROOTED is a partnered workshop with MarZen. It will be locate in Montreal,QB on October 14, 2018

ROOTED is going to explore alternative cooking, food sustainability and vitality, Traditional Chinese dietetics, as well as rooting us back within ourselves and back with food. Through the lenses of Traditional Chinese Medicine, food preparation and variety changes as the energy of the seasons change and so we will be exploring that as well and giving our participants hands on tools and confidence to feed themselves and their families in the most optimal and sustainable way.